My name is Michelle Jane Shaked, design is my passion.
I grew up in London and Israel but for the last few years Berlin is my home.

I live and work in Berlin, a city that inspires me every day.
I love walking the streets of Berlin & visiting the shops, checking the new collections at design exhibitions around the world , feeling the new vibes that change with the seasons, using all of this, the written and social media to keep updated and informed.
My philosophy is to combine simple designs; furniture, accessories & just a touch of color to make a unique personal home for you.
I create this individual look by combining everyday objects ranging from expensive elitist designers to common & cheaper ones, so that they can suit every wish & budget, ranging from single rooms, small apartments to large houses.
The apartments I design have a timeless simplicity, mostly monochromatic with a touch of color, beauty made up of modernity combined with traditional elegance to create a personal, warm and cozy home.

Whether you are buying a property for self-use or as an investment, I can help you maximize the return on your investment by emphasizing the best qualities of your property.

If you are looking for a more personal touch to your home, I offer a complete “hand in hand” approach, by accompanying you to great design shops, advising & helping you to make the right choices for your home.


Nordic design has been a reference for high quality design long before I even started my design education, yet it is very much ”alive and kicking” in the world today.
It defines me and my designs, as it is a combination of simple & elegant, modern with a touch of traditional, clean but yet warm and cozy.
It is a mixture of classic designs, colors, textures & atmospheres in every corner of the house.
It transforms a house into a home

My inspiration

Minimalism was my first inspiration, I love anything concrete; floors and accessories. Since I was exposed to the Nordic design it has become my main inspiration. I love classic, simple and practical designs in monochromatic shades with touches of color.
Knowing how to use it right, makes a great combination.
Berlin has amazing design stores that make my mission even harder as choosing among all is not easy.
I try to keep up with all the new designs by maintaining close relations with design stores in the city, touring the streets of whatever city I visit, on the lookout for new stores and new ideas. I love visiting the shops; big & small, design and fashion, galleries and museums, second hand markets for atmosphere and Ikea, whenever there's a new collection.
Together I combine my way of design that makes my apartments unique and loved, monochromatic but cozy.
Come and join me on a morning of inspiration in the city.

Process – "The making of"

Every apartment creates a different process.
The first step is to find out what is the intended use for your property? Will it be your family’s permanent home? A home away from home for your private use? Is it an investment? Will you be renting it out? Would you like to home dress it?
In all the situations the design will be stylish and beautiful, but will take all this information into consideration.
The next step is to get to know more about you, your preferences, habits and get the general idea of what you want.
For home owners I design a practical and intimate home. Design for your day-to-day needs, thinking about little habits and your own way of life, so it will be a home for you, even if visiting a few times a year. Especially when making it your permanent home.
For investors I design apartments that will appeal to most renters by being "loved at first sight", and yet easy to maintain, easy to preserve, so renters can come and go and the apartments will still look wonderful.

Some clients prefer I make the decisions for them, some like to do it together.
I try to make the maximum of every apartment, thinking about the general atmosphere, taking into consideration the guidelines we discuss and the existing situation of the apartment; the vibe, size, rooms, flooring, light and other practical information.
You can join me for this journey, or leave the decisions in my professional hands, I can assure you it will be a great adventure.
I will start with inspiration boards that will define the direction I'm aiming for your apartment's design. From there I move to store visiting and collecting accessories to complete the look.
You decide just as to how much detail we go into, I can offer complete house dressing if needed, so your home will be ready for you or your tenants to just pack up and move in immediately as I finish.


A vibrant metropolis, Berlin teems with life.
Home to 153 museums, 700 art galleries and countless street performers,
the city is Europe’s center for culture and art; a variety show of creative expressions.
Residents enjoy a high quality of life: the results of green-minded policies, impeccable infrastructure and access to an assortment of amenities.
In spite of the ready availability of countless city-created comforts, Berlin maintains relatively affordable prices;

lower than London, New York and Paris. A charming blend of old and new, Berlin holds to time-tested traditions yet maintains progressive thinking;
it values its rich history yet exudes a flair for innovation. In terms of revenue, Berlin is trailing only to its southern sister-city, Munich, earning the second highest ranking in all of Europe with a 3.72 score out of a total of five possible points. Experts predict that Berlin will continue this growth and soon surpass Munich for the top spot.